What is a Purchase Cycle?

Hyper Hyper understands the entire sales process, and works with our clients to make sure that once the right person has been found and a connection has been made,  the journey from Interested to Purchase is simple and effective.

The Purchase Cycle is the path taken by customers from the first contact with the brand to when they purchase and become a customer.

People are plotted along the different stages of the Purchase Cycle to help marketers know what information and content to server them and motivate them to continue along towards ‘Purchase’.

The production of cross platform content has created a new form of relationship between brands and customers, but different factors influence this communication.

Do the customers know the brand? Are they familiar with the products or services being offered?

The first contact between a brand and a potential customer takes place when the person probably doesn’t even know they have a problem that can be solved by a specific product or service, which is when they become ‘aware’.

The job of a good marketer is to recognise these people and continue to monitor and re-plot them along the Purchase Cycle,
over a specific time period, until they become a customer.

Hyper Hyper Marketing Purchase Cycle database