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Hyper Hub Campaign Module by Hyper Hyper Analytics & Reporting

Hyper Hyper has designed and developed our own marketing software for our clients and others to use to measure and analyse their marketing efforts.  What started out wanting to give our clients real time access to their campaign statistics and give sales teams insights into the responses of prospects has turned into a full services marketing software tool.

The Hyper Hub dashboard gives our clients real time access to everything from where people are plotted along their purchase cycle within a database, where people live based on the persona, financial value of database over time and much more.

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Hyper Hub Software

Budget Motels Online Price Comparison Tool, for people to compare room prices with OTA's.

Hyper Hub Profile Module

Programming to automatically plot responders to campaigns directly into Mesh Blocks in the Hyper Hub.


Live graphs and statistics of databases, upcoming events and other stats at a glance.

Live Research Results

Live research results of microsite profiling with answers for marketers to use for marketing campaigns

Interpretation of Reports

Hyper Hyper works with our clients to review their reports and interpret them for marketing decisions.

Download Reports

Hyper Hub software provides one click download reports of all results and dashboard activity.
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