Hyper Hub Email Module

Hyper Hub is an intuitive, multi-user database analysis and marketing software program.

The six modules of Hyper Hub all link and communicate with each other in a live, online environment that you can access on any mobile device.

Hyper Hub Email Module by Hyper Hyper
Hyper Hub by Hyper Hyper Email Module


Email Marketing

Create your own email marketing campaigns directly from your own database.

Using your own email template, branded to your style guide, the Email Module lets you simply add text and images. 

Make targeted selections directly from the Hyper Hub Database Module and watch the results in real time.

All unsubscribes and tracking are automatically added to each contact record in your database, which keeps your data clean.

Why is Email marketing important?

Keeps your message and brand in front of your customers

When you have your own database of prospects or customers, you can communicate your message, products or services to them as often as you like without paying for additional media costs in other publications, channels or even to other people’s email database.

Owning the relationship with your database keeps your media costs down and you are in control of your brand and message.

Email Marketing is instant and is always in the top two marketing methods to generate sales for businesses.

The Hyper Hub Email module sends more than 1 million emails per month and more if required.

The Email Module tracks and provides graphic results on delivery times, opens, open rates, clicks, bounces etc.

The future of Email Marketing is here as mail servers now track your server IP’s for spam and block emails from being delivered.  

The better quality of your email database, its’ integrity and deliverability ranking all factor in to making sure your emails reach the in-boxes of the recipients.  

It is one thing to have an email ‘delivered‘, but it then needs to be ‘accepted‘ for the responder to have it in their Inbox. 

Volume email deployments

The future of email marketing is here. data integrity is everything.

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