Hyper Hyper Marketing is a digital and database marketing agency.  We make connections through data driven creative.

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It's the data that holds the key to your future customers, who they are and where they will come from . . .


The internet is by far the most powerful weapon in today’s lead generation arsenal. No medium is more direct, more immediate or . . .


Personalised and targeted communications to profiled prospect and customers to increase sales and activity to website. Email marketing . . .


Turn a group of potential customers into actual customers of your product or service . . .


Engaging and dynamic websites that represent your brand and are optimised by search engine marketing . . .


Growing your business using creative, advertising, communication and nurturing methods to build lasting . . .

What is Digital Optimisation?

What is Digital Optimisation? Understanding how to use 3rd party platforms to serve advertising and search results to the selected groups of people is a skill. Complex technology is behind how people are identified, and based on the profiling results of the database analysis, they can be identified and served information, content and creative that is specific to them, on the platforms they are using.  Pixels are applied to every creative element to then track and retarget people who have clicked an ad, visited a microsite or responded to an enquiry.   Go to Digital Marketing

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Hyper Hyper What is Big Data

What is Big Data?

What is Big Data? Data is now considered one of the most valuable assets on Earth – even more valuable than oil. Today, people are tracked based on what they read, watch, click, buy, contacts, friends, work, profiles, social, relationships, subscriptions, links, status, survey’s, personality quiz’s… and it goes on… Like the iceberg effect of only seeing 10% above the waterline, the same is for data.  The big data is what is collected and used to create profiles of people and group them based on their similarities across a network of actions. Without understanding this and how data is used,

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