Hyper Hyper Marketing is a digital and database marketing agency.  We make connections through data driven creative.

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Hyper Hyper is a Digital & Database Marketing agency specialising in Database Marketing and Customer Acquisition.

We love working with technology, at the same time using our imagination and marketing creativity to deliver better outcomes and faster returns for our clients.

We analyse and use consumer behaviour, predictive modelling and triggers that motivate people to take action and apply that knowledge across all media channels.

We take seriously the responsibility we have to our clients and the impact our services have on their business.

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It's the data that holds the key to your future customers, who they are and where they will come from . . .


The internet is by far the most powerful weapon in today’s lead generation arsenal. No medium is more direct, more immediate or . . .


Personalised and targeted communications to profiled prospect and customers to increase sales and activity to website. Email marketing . . .


Turn a group of potential customers into actual customers of your product or service . . .


Engaging and dynamic websites that represent your brand and are optimised by search engine marketing . . .


Growing your business using digital & database marketing, creative, advertising, communication and nurturing methods to build lasting . . .

Digital Marketing

What is Customer Retention Marketing?

What is Customer Retention Marketing? Customer retention marketing is a key component in maintaining a profitable business. The goal of customer retention marketing is to convert first-time or occasional buyers into loyal long term customers. In the constant battle to gain new customers, it is easy to overlook the value the existing customer relationships hold. All profits are earned from conducting successful relationships with customers. As the source of all your profits, customer relationships should be valued and protected. Every customer relationship is an asset and has an economic value or Lifetime Market Value (LMV). A customers LMV is determined

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Content & Creative

Content & Creative Humans feel faster than we think and people make micro-decisions based on how they feel. The experience part of our brain is super fast. It relies on emotional images and visual memories. The emotional part of our brain tells us what choice to make.  Humans are born to connect.  It’s part of the way we’re wired. Knowing what makes them tick and what they are searching for helps guide the creative. Making connections through creative and stories are the most powerful things we can use when motivating someone to take action. What do you want them to

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At Hyper Hyper digital and database marketing agency, we take seriously the responsibility we have to our clients and the impact our services have on there business. Our results speak for themselves.

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