Unlock the power of your database and grow your business with targeted customers who are loyal to your brand.

How can you do this?  

Own the relationship with your own customers and nurture them along the Purchase Cycle.

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Track and measure your campaign activity live, from multiple channels.

Hyper Hyper Marketing Hyper Hub


Manage your database online and make targeted selections for your campaigns.

Hyper Hyper Marketing Hyper Hub Module


Live plotting of your database by profile, source, response type onto a map of the world.

Hyper Hyper Marketing Hyper Hub Module


Build your own email using templates and automatically schedule to send.

Hyper Hyper Marketing Hyper Hub Module


Event set up and registration management is easy and simple with automatic tracking.

Hyper Hyper Marketing Hyper Hub Module


Have a look through a sample Hyper Hub system and how the different modules all connect.

Marketing Automation Software

Unlock the Power of Your Database

Hyper Hub is an intuitive, multi-user database analysis and marketing software program designed by marketers for marketers.

Consisting of 6 interconnecting modules of Database, CampaignProfile, Survey, Email and Events and  the Hyper Hub works seamlessly as the singular platform to simply capture, measure and track live campaign analytics for marketers.

The live tracking ability measures all your digital marketing and campaign activity as it happens in real time. All the responders are automatically added and profiled into your Database Module and plotted in the Profile Module.

Using the power of your databases to target specific audience groups and communicating relevant messages, increases its value and engages more effectively with your contacts. Overall the result is a stronger brand loyalty, advocacy and connection with your customers.

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