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“There are 5 fundamental categories of a successful acquisition marketing ​campaign.  The skill is knowing how to execute each step perfectly, be able to read the reports and make any changes in the market and respond quickly to overcome any obstacles.”

Margaux Everett

What is Acquisition Marketing?

The Fundamentals of Acquisition Marketing

For most businesses, the primary means of growth involves the acquisition of new customers.

Hyper Hyper acquisition campaigns involve finding customers who previously were not aware of your product, were not candidates for purchasing your products or customers who in the past have bought from your competitors.

Database marketing and mining and predictive analysis can often help segment these prospective customers and increase the response rates that an acquisition campaign can achieve.

Often, people confuse Telling with Selling, when they are marketing for acquisition marketing.  They believe that short headlines ‘telling’ people about a product will work, instead of ‘selling’ the features that will benefit them.

The most effective approach is by Direct Response Advertising.  Direct marketing techniques such as database profiling and analysis, personalised emails, and telling the truth in an interesting way is what motives people to respond.

Hyper Hyper’s Hyper Hub software tracks campaign data and activity and displays where contacts are on the Purchase Cycle

Click here to read through a real example of our Database Acquisition Marketing case study for PONANT Luxury Expedition Cruises via our Posts page.

Why acquisition marketing works

5 Acquisition Marketing Steps

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