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Many companies and marketing agencies rely on research and consumer data to make informed decisions.

When the research they are relying on is outdated it no longer provides value or the competitive edge. When we look at most market research segmentation conducted today, we see that much focus of consumer psychographics and behaviours is content-specific.

That is, it is about what people think, not how they think. NLP Meta Programs are identified as a unique and powerful way to frame consumer attitudes and behaviour, that can be applied to a wide array of contexts.

The Australian Pulse is the only Australian consumer research data that utilises the science of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) to profile your customers, and categorises them with new levels of DNA profiling.

A Smarter Way to Understand Australians

To make it easier to identify and engage your target audience we have created a simple way to classify them called the ‘DNA Profile‘.

These ‘DNA Profiles’ include the key information about customers that you need, including where they live, their demographics, psychographic insights such as their values and beliefs, and their needs and behaviours.

Using the NLP results in understanding ‘how’ people think, their values, and where they are along their life-cycle, along with traditional profiling methods, we have developed Australia’s most relevant profiling persona’s that reflect Australian’s today.

For the first time, marketers and businesses now have the the most powerful, scientific tools to better understand how to find, target and communicate with each DNA persona’s, without relying on outdated methods, no longer providing value or the competitive edge.

Research underpins all strategy

Our survey-led research gives you the ability to profile Australian consumers in a way not available anywhere else, and provides you with the ability to see your customers in a whole new light that gives you the edge on your competition.

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