Hyper Hyper Marketing is a digital and database marketing agency.  We make connections through data driven creative.

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Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is everything online

“Hyper Hyper marketing campaigns have broadened over the years into a comprehensive range of services that take you from building your own database of names, to applying pixels on every piece of creative and serving personalised messages that motivates a person to take action”

Margaux Everett

What is Digital Marketing?

creating connections via digital media to grow your business

Digital Marketing is marketing using any digital medium.  Examples of digital marketing include banner ads, emails, keywords for a website, display ads with different channels or placing posts or ads on social media.  The objective of digital media is to identify an individual, their current position and what they feel and think today by tracking their digital footprint across the internet.

Big Data is then used to group consumers into profiles or persona types. Personalised content and creative is then generated to motivate and to change their thought and behaviour.

People are tracked and communicated to, with the sole purpose of moving them further along the purchase cycle. Moving towards Purchase and becoming your customer.  Hyper Hub lets you track all digital activity in real time through the Campaign Module

Hyper Hub

Live tracking and reporting

Hyper Hub Campaign Module by Hyper Hyper Analytics & Reporting

Digital Media is immediate and the Hyper Hub can deliver in real time allowing marketers to monitor campaigns and make changes if required.

Complex technology is behind how people are identified. Based on the profiling results of the database marketing analysis, people can be identified and served information, content and creative that is specific to them, on the platforms they are using. 

Pixels are applied to every creative element to then track and retarget people who have clicked an ad, visited a microsite or responded to an enquiry.

Hyper Hub provides a detailed dashboard of activity using the tracking pixels by ad channel and analytics is accessible on all devices and reports activity in real time.  Our in-house team can produce bespoke reports if needed.

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