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Margaux Everett

Hyper Hyper was founded by Margaux in 2000. Her experience spans across many industries both locally in Australia and Internationally, all with a focus on customer acquisition marketing.  

Margaux has specialised in digital and database marketing for more than 25 years and she has has always maintained her philosophy of working with clients and in industries that she loves.  

Embracing technology and her creativity enabled Margaux to design and build an online marketing software tool, specifically for marketers, called the Hyper Hub. 

Creative & Events

Lisa Jones

Lisa has worked with the Hyper Hyper team for many years and in 2019 returned to Australia after being based in the United States. 

Lisa has worked on both the agency and client side, offering a strategic and unique marketing perspective across a diverse range of industries including Software, Tourism, FMCG and Live Entertainment.. 

Lisa spent over five years working with Cirque du Soleil in Las Vegas on their productions in USA and Asia. Her experience in marketing, live entertainment and event creation, fuels her passion for creating memorable campaigns and events. 

Senior Programmer

Eric Zhang

Eric has worked with Hyper Hyper for over 11 years and manages the digital and database programming team.  

As the Senior Programmer behind the Hyper Hub marketing software, Eric manages all upgrades and back-end programming  for campaign launches.   

Eric has a Masters of Information Technology from the University of Technology Sydney. 

Our support team

Evangeline Myers

List & Profiling

Laura Field

Research & Content Writer

Jody Shevell

Graphic Designer

George Yasbic

Senior Website Programmer

Karl Lumi


Pankaj Maloo

Logo & Design

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