Community Engagement

Uniting the community through digital marketing initiatives 

Hyper Hyper is passionate about Community Engagement and has purpose-built digital marketing tools to support Community Wellbeing and Engagement. The Hyper team have years of experience and understand the sensitivity around building urban, regional and indigenous community campaigns.

Using data driven intelligence, Hyper Hyper creates community portals and platforms that nurture human engagement and build trust. From the front end website and community portal to the back end database and communication management, Hyper Hyper have the knowledge and proven experience to ensure your Community Engagement campaign is a success.

Hyper Hyper Marketing

Passion + Consistency = Success

Community Portal

Secure online portal that manages individual member details and the flow of information & announcements.

Community Website

Intuitive and creative websites
that encourage engagement and help strengthen community relationships.

Map Database Growth

Profile and grow your community database using digital marketing profiling campaigns and engagement initiatives.

Hyper Hub Marketing Software

Six module, integrated marketing software system with database, email, survey, profiling, events and digital tracking.

Ayers Rock Resort

Creation of Community Wellbeing Platform and Website that encourages community involvement in events, health and environmental programs.

Communication Creation 
& Reporting

Survey, event, email and campaign creation and tracking that seamlessly updates your Community database.
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