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Design and Build Website

Hyper Hyper has been working with Dr Charles Cope for more than 8 year to provide Website and Search Engine Optimisation services.

Understanding the Brand 

Researching who Dr Charles Cope is, his achievements, his surgery locations, areas of specialty and the persona of his patients helped Hyper Hyper design and build a website that would be desirable to his target audience.

The design of the website was important in not just making it look attractive, but needed to also comply with very stringent industry protocols and standards on what could be shown and shared digitally.

Hyper Hyper Marketing Designs and Builds Dr Charles Cope Website
Hyper Hyper strategy 

Creating the persona of Dr Charles Copes patients and taking the time to listen and learn about his achievements, points of difference and how he wanted to be represented online, was the basis of our working relationship.

Hyper Hyper has designed and built 2 websites for Dr Charles Cope during the last 8 years, both have assisted in growing his business and giving him a website that his future patients feel comfortable in using.

Content & Creative

Hyper Hyper worked very closely with Dr Charles Cope in creating the structure of the website and the placement of content.

Before and After images of patients, testimonials and patient stories must all follow the industry regulations of promotion.  This gave Hyper Hyper the opportunity to see how we could still promote Dr Charles Cope as a Specialist Plastic Surgeon and encourage future patients to learn about him and his procedures.

Our goal was to respectfully educate people on the features and benefits of having a consultation with Dr Charles Cope, Specialist Plastic Surgeon.

Hyper Hyper also created a series of banner ads to be used across multiple digital platforms, which increased traffic to his website.

The delivery and interpretation of his website statistics is presented by Hyper Hyper on a regular basis to ensure website is optimised and performing at its best. 

Hyper Hyper Marketing Dr Charles Cope MREC Mock-Up News.com
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