Blue Mountains Tourism

Come with us behind the scenes to see how it all works and what makes up the foundation for a successful marketing campaign.

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Campaign Results

Blue Mountains, Lithgow and Oberon Tourism required a campaign that encouraged dispersal,  increased overnight stays, promoted inbound Tourist Operators and motivated return visitation.

Hyper Hyper generated a campaign marketing database with more than 50,000 contacts, delivering a monthly communication that highlighted the region and promoted member offers. In addition, a new 1920’s Jazz festival was launched to support this digital campaign and further encourage visitation to the region.

As a result, new acquisition leads were acquired, Inbound Tourist Operator agreements were improved and visitation increased to the region.

+12,000 visitors in 1st year
+12% Operator Agreements
+15,000 new leads in 7 months

What is Email Marketing?

Communicating directly with your customers increases engagement and loyalty.

When you have your own database of prospects or customers, your email marketing strategy puts you in control of the messages they receive about the products or services you offer. 

If your database is profiled, you can segment your audiences and send personalised and specific messages to them, and motivating them to progress further along the Purchase Cycle towards Purchase. 

Email marketing gives you the power to talk one-to-one with your customer base about many different topics at a fraction of the price of 3rd party media and advertising.  Targeted communications sent directly to the correct person!

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