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Hyper Hyper worked with Fiji Tourism and Sheraton Fiji to develop a marketing campaign to increase MICE bookings into the region.

With the understanding that there were multiple decision makers within an organisation who were motivated by different reasons to make a decision, Hyper Hyper created a destination marketing program, highlighting the solutions each needed.

37% Response Rate
+ $4million in MICE Revenue
MICE Marketing Database


A series of campaign specific direct mail pieces were designed with a matching campaign microsite.

Each responder was given a personalised username and password to access the campaign microsite which was personalised with their contact information.  Based on who they were, the information was personalised to their position and what they needed to learn to agree to receiving a proposal.

By working with Fiji Tourism, Hyper Hyper was able to highlight the destination experiences as the points of difference to book and deposit – which was considered a qualified lead.


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