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Campaign Results

Australian Grand Prix required a new B2B marketing campaign to promote and sell their corporate and VIP packages and onsite experiences.

Hyper Hyper created an email marketing campaign that highlighted the range of available corporate suites and VIP packages. All leads were tracked and reported within the Hyper Hub and then distributed amongst the Australian Grand Prix sales team.

With over 250% return on investment, this campaign more than paid for itself. In addition, the Australian Grand Prix corporate database  was profiled and segmented to use for ongoing nurturing and sales.

26% response rate
+22% increase in sales
256% return on investment

What is Acquisition Marketing

The Fundamentals of Acquisition Marketing

For most businesses, the primary means of growth involves the acquisition of new customers.

This could involve finding customers who previously were not aware of your product, were not candidates for purchasing your products or customers who in the past have bought from your competitors.

Data mining and predictive analysis can often help segment these prospective customers and increase the response rates that an acquisition campaign can achieve.

The most effective approach to customer acquisition is a combination of advertising mediums including digital marketing, print, billboards etc, combined with direct marketing such as database profiling and analysis, emails, online response through microsites for profiling. Campaigns based on the knowledge of the prospect and customer base.

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