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Hyper Hyper Marketing HiQ Cell Customer Acquisition Case Study

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Campaign Results

Regenus were looking for a way to promote their stem cell therapy , HiQCell, and connect patients with local doctors who offered the treatment.

Hyper Hyper conducted demographic research to profile and identify new audiences for acquisition within the specific doctors regions. A digital direct marketing campaign was then developed and rolled out across Australia.

A campaign microsite was designed by Hyper Hyper that educated responders on the product and procedure followed by a series of questions that pre-qualified and helped determine their suitability for the treatment. Suitable responders were then able to book appointments directly within the microsite with the closest provider for further consultation. 

Hyper Hyper delivered a higher than expected response rate which resulted in direct consultation bookings with providers and updated database for Regenus for future campaigns.


24% response rate
+43% increase in leads
Direct consultation bookings

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