Checklist for hosting Christmas

With the countdown on for Christmas, the Hyper Hyper event team has prepared a checklist to use if you are hosting Christmas at your place this year.


  • How many are coming? Confirm all guests, partners and children.
  • Plan the menu and list out the ingredients. Over cater for 2 more guests just in case.
  • Are any guest’s vegan or have allergies?
  • Are any guests bringing a dish? (desserts, cheese plate or dips)

2 weeks Before

  • List out and buy any non-perishable ingredients or items can you buy in advance (herbs, sauces, cheeses, chips, dips, nuts, serviettes, placemats, garbage bags, AA batteries etc)
  • Buy all alcohol and drinks now (mixers, beer, wine, orange juice, tea and coffee). Buy online and have it all delivered. Save money by comparing prices online.
  • Buy your Christmas bonbons
  • Plan your table decoration now (fairy lights, tinsel, candles, foliage, menu tags, serviette rings, plates, glassware).
  • Do you have enough chairs for everyone?
  • Pre-order Ham and Turkey
  • Clean up any areas of the garden that need fixing

Weekend Before

  • Double check the gas bottle for the BBQ is full and clean the BBQ
  • Dust and clean the house entryway
  • Clean windows
  • Select your outfit for the party
  • Clean out the esky
  • Plan serving logistics. Where will your food be laid out?
  • Dry-clean or wash the tablecloths you will be using
  • Pre-order any seafood (remember Di Costi Seafoods will also peel the prawns for a very small fee).
  • Prepare a music playlist

Day Before

  • Cook or prepare any dishes the day before (marinade, sauces, desserts etc)
  • Iron your party outfit
  • Pick up your Ham, Turkey & Seafood
  • Buy the rest of fresh ingredients (bread rolls, salad ingredients etc)
  • Have the lawns mowed
  • Buy fresh flowers
  • Clean the pool
  • Vacuum and clean floors
  • Pull out and rinse all serving bowls, glasses, and platters
  • Set up music speakers
  • Set the table decoration, placemats and silverware

Party Day!

  • Sweep driveway and entry
  • Pick up ice for the esky
  • Prepare cheeseboards and store in fridge
  • Remaining cooking and salad preparation
  • Relax and enjoy the party!
Hyper Hyper Christmas Checklist