Hyper Hub Event Module

The Hyper Hub Event Module is a module within Hyper Hub software. Hyper Hub is an intuitive, multi-user database analysis and marketing software program.

The six modules of Hyper Hub all link and communicate with each other in a live, online environment that you can access on any mobile device.

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Hyper Hub by Hyper Hyper Event Module

Hyper Hub Event Module

Event Marketing

Manage the registrations and check-ins of all your events with Hyper Hub Event Module.

You have the ability to control the event capacity and the overflow of registrations, send reminder emails to people who have registered and the follow-up emails after your event has finished.

Manage check-ins easily at your events with Hyper Hub using any mobile device …it even shows the contact history directly from the Database Module so you know their specific information about them when they arrive at your event.

Why is Event Registration Important?

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Using the Event Module, you can easily set up your event emails and registration landing pages, with check-in times, guest speaker profiles, event capacity and any costs if required.

The Event Module dashboard displays the number of RSVP’s by multiple channels, the number of attendees and links directly into the Database Module so you can see the information and history of attendees.

The Event Module uses your own branding and images so you don’t look like you are using 3rd party software.

Set up reminder to attend emails to be sent to RSVP’s to make sure they are still coming.  Your guests can update their own RSVP status so you don’t need to worry about multiple spreadsheets.

Check your guests in when they arrive using any device in real-time to see who has attended or not.  Easily add new guests into the Event and they are automatically added to the Database Module for your future marketing communication.

Once the event is finished, the Event Module of the Hyper Hub automatically sends the Thank you for attending or the Sorry you couldn’t make it emails, with your own branding and personalised message.

After event communication

automatic RSVP's and after event emails

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