Top 10 tips to a successful event

After many years of creating and hosting countless events for clients, the Hyper Hyper team have prepared the top 10 tips to hosting a successful corporate event.

  1. Don’t make it too loud. If you are hiring a band or DJ be sure the volume is not overpowering. Your guests still need to be able to have awkward conversations and network.
  2. Over cater. Cater for at least 10% more guests to ensure everyone remains happy. You can’t underestimate how much food people will eat, especially after their third champagne. Don’t leave them racing to the drive thru after leaving the event.
  3. Be creative. It’s the small creative details that guests notice during an event. Be creative with the theme, the location and the decoration. This shouldn’t mean spend a fortune either.
  4. Double and triple check with your vendors. Get written confirmations and then follow-up with a direct call to confirm orders and details. You don’t need last minute headaches trying to find another florist or catering company if details are not confirmed.
  5. Don’t make it too hard. Multiple destinations or stops during an event can be annoying for guests and the enjoyment will quickly drain from their bodies as they struggle to find another parking space.
  6. Never trust the weather forecast. The weather forecast is rarely correct and you should never rely on weather predictions for an event. Have undercover areas, hire the mobile heaters/fans, scatter rugs around the chairs. Fact – once your guests get cold they are leaving.
  7. Under no circumstances hire a clown – many people are scared of clowns but won’t admit it. They can be creepy and after a few drinks may not be a good mix with adults… it’s best to leave the clowns to the kids events.
  8. Brief your event staff -twice! Make sure your event staff know who they are working for, what are the product details, selling benefits and basic details to get them through a conversation. Introduce them to your client and make sure a company point person is assigned for any serious sales or business enquires.
  9. Use Event Management Software. This is not time for an Excel spreadsheet. Technology has progressed and there are some great event management software programs that can handle the detail and reporting for you. This software is not expensive and will give you and your key stakeholders confidence in your event.
  10. Hire a Marketing & Event company to plan and manage your event. If you select the right event company you can sit back and actually enjoy the occasion!
Hyper Hyper Top tips to a successful event