What is Acquisition Marketing?

For most businesses, the primary means of growth involves the acquisition of new customers. This could involve finding customers who previously were not aware of your product, were not candidates for purchasing your products or who in the past have bought from your competitors.

Data mining and predictive analysis can often help segment these prospects and increase the response rates.

A successful approach to acquisition marketing is a combination of advertising mediums including digital marketing, display advertising, print, billboards, email marketing etc. 

Including a Database

A good strategy will always include a database so you generate a return on investment from your initial efforts from the ongoing nurturing of the leads.

The way to build a database from your acquisition campaign, is to motivate people to respond via a specific Call to Action like a microsite or survey.

A microsite is a simple method to build your database and at the same time learn more about people who are responding to your activity.

Profile your leads

Profile your responders by asking their areas of interest, lifestyle and purchasing behaviour.  At the same time you are educating them on your product and services!  

At the end of the acquisition marketing campaign, you will have a profiled database of qualified leads that form part of your ongoing marketing activity.  Ongoing nurturing progresses them along the Purchase Cycle to becoming your customer.

Setting goals

Before the process of the acquisition marketing campaign begins, it is best to ask yourself what you are wanting to achieve and who your target audience is.  This takes all the guess work out of the demographic profiling as you will learn how specific groups and target audiences consume media, resulting in a more targeted approach.

In most situations, the goal of an acquisition marketing campaign is to turn potential customers into actual customers of your product or service.  Other instances could be inviting people to make instant purchases such as ticket sales, or to RSVP to an event for a Roadshow.  

Whatever your objectives are, a Hyper Hyper Acquisition Marketing campaign will help you to achieve it.

Some goals could be:

• Obtain genuine leads for pipeline

• Gain new contacts for future

• Increase awareness

• Retain existing customers


Hyper Hyper Marketing Acquisition Marketing Flow Chart