Hyper Hyper Marketing is a digital and database marketing agency.  We specialise in building websites that work for you.

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What makes a good website?

Build websites that connect with your customers

Hyper Hyper Designs Builds Websites Data Driven Creative.

Design & Build Stunning Websites that represent your brand and what you want people to know about you. 

A good website design & build attracts people to it as it is a representation of their own values and how they see themselves.  They feel comfortable with it. 

There are so many layers to building a website that works.  The planning stage is critical in creating the page hierarchy.  Menu and page links need to flow properly so they can be Indexed by Google and other Search Engines and analysed in Google Search Console.

Our work with Budget Motels and their website has more than 800 pages indexed with Google and was designed with a refreshed look & fee to represent their brand.  It was part of our marketing strategy and one of the reasons Hyper Hyper recognised by Mumbrella Tourism Awards for the Best Use of Data. 

The website design and build stage includes creating the website tags, categories, posts, pages, keywords, cornerstone content and so much more.  Did you know… the naming convention of your alt text is often missed which reduces you the results of your organic search results!

It doesn’t matter if your website or microsite is up permanently or for a short, promotional period, when it is optimised correctly it can have immediate results in being discovered by Search Engines.

As the primary source of information and for people to make their first connection, the ‘search-ability’ and discovery of the website or microsite plays a pivotal role in the number of leads generated.

Keywords play a determining roll in how your site is ranked in the  Search Engine Results Page (SERP).  How people engage with you site (traffic and time) will also affect your ongoing organic ranking.

Knowing how to read the reports on your website analytics helps you maintain a clean website.  Website analytics gives you valuable insights into your best pages, site speed, where traffic is coming from and even compares how you are ranking compared to your competitors… now that’s an advantage!  

Hyper Hyper analyses the data and identifies unique ways for your website to rank organically.  The data tells us the content to write and the creative style and design that will attract your customers.

This results in high organic website ranking, increased traffic, and more people visiting your site and learning about you.

Data Driven Creative for your website

Making your website work for you


it's not what you see, it's how you feel.

“Oxytocin is known as the love drug.  You feel oxytocin when you make a connection with someone or something.  Connections are made through sharing stories and positive experiences.

Does your website give people a positive feeling when they see and use it?”

Margaux Everett

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