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Campaign Results

PONANT and Hyper Hyper have worked together since 2014 to build a database of profiled and qualified leads.

Each year, Hyper Hyper conducted a Customer Acquisition Marketing campaign for PONANT.  Using research and demographic profiling exercises to research the current database and identify new audiences for acquisition. 

Armed with this data, Hyper Hyper created an annual digital & database acquisition campaign to acquire new leads and re-engage past guests.

Hyper Hub

PONANT used the Hyper Hub to manage their prospect data in the Database Module, track digital results live via the Campaign Module, deployed and managed emails via the Email Module and used the Event Module for their roadshow event marketing.  All responses were plotted in the Profile Module to ensure the target audiences matched the correct persona and past guest profiles. 

The objectives of each Customer Acquisition Marketing campaign for PONANT was to educated new prospects on the PONANT experiences, destinations and brand while profiling responders on their areas of interest for future, ongoing, targeted communications and use that information to continually nurture them along the Purchase Cycle.  The Hyper Hub was used to measure where prospects were on their journey towards being a customer which was integral in knowing how to engage for future marketing.

To overcome communication fatigue from past prospect database contacts, Hyper Hyper stimulated them with monthly email campaigns of promotions, offers and invitations to attend PONANT roadshow events.

This database acquisition strategy resulted in higher ongoing engagement levels from the ongoing emails and attendance events and a qualified database

+5 million in new sales
+34,000 new leads
+20,000 re-engagement

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